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About us



We hope you have been looking at our course programme with the same enthusiasm as we did during the process of putting it all together. For us, this process is always an inspiring affair. We consider all ideas and suggestions and we look for teachers, speakers and course  coordinators eager to  contribute to a course programme which is,  in our opinion, interesting, sound and up to date.  Whether our courses  live up to these standards  is for you to judge.

Part of our programme is well-known among a larger audience, but  there are also courses not that widely known. On this website you’ll find all courses presented in a synoptic way. We’d like to invite you to look at it at your convenience and find out which courses (known or unknown) are interesting for you and what you would like to learn.

Research has  shown that word-of-mouth marketing works best to show people the way to the Volksuniversiteit. And we too have noticed that the large  number of loyal course members we have play an important role in  the promotion of our institute. Fantastic! I would like  to ask all these loyal clients once more to promote us: the Volksuniversiteit Amstelland is THE place for personal development, inspiration, new knowledge and competences. Without stress, accessible and affordable!

With the location of the Volksuniversiteit between the Zuidas of Amsterdam, Amsterdam South-east, Schiphol and the greenhouses of Aalsmeer, it will not come as  a surprise  that an important part of our participants consists of expats,  that is to say; persons with a non-Dutch nationality, who have moved to Amstelveen for work or other reasons. The courses for these expats (such as Dutch and English for non-Dutch) are popular and many know  to find us, also for this  section of our programme. Again, it  goes to show that word-of-mouth is very important!

We are enthusiastic about the quality and the content of our courses and we hope that our programme appeals to you.

Hoping to see you one day in the corridors on your way to one of our classrooms,




Marcel Jansen