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You are able to register in three ways:

  • via our website
  • at our desk at Stadsplein 97 in Amstelveen
  • by downloading and printing the registration form and sending it to Stadsplein 97, 1181 ZM Amstelveen


Conditions of enrolment and payment of the Stichting Volksuniversiteit Amstelland (SVA)


Enrolment for a course is possible only by submitting the registration form together with your payment/authorization, or through our website.


Payment of the fee is to take place as follows:

  • One-off payment authorization. Debiting takes place in the first week of the month in which the course starts
  • Per iDEAL. (only through enrolment on our website)
  • By paying machine at our administration desk
  • Cash (exact money preferred) at our administration desk.


Registration for a course takes place in the order in which the forms and payment or payment authorization come in. A statement of registration (cursistenkaart) will be sent to you. This statement also serves as an order of admission. On request of a staff member, you have to show it.

Payment in instalments

Payment in instalments is possible for courses of € 350,- or more, only by appointment via the administration desk.


The Volksuniversiteit is allowed to cancel a course in case of insufficient registrations.


Annulment at no expense is possible in writing or by e-mail only until one week (7 days) prior to the start of the course. Thereafter, annulment will be accepted only in case of serious illness or removal to outside the region (written proof must be submitted). The maximum refund is 50%.

Cost of books

The cost of books and exam fees are not included in the course fee, unless stated otherwise.


The SVA can neither be held responsible for damages to persons and/or personal belongings, nor for the loss of personal belongings due to whatever circumstances during activities organised by the SVA.


If a course should be fully booked or cancelled, the payment authorization will be destroyed, c.q. the paid fees will be refunded as soon as possible. Should the SVA be forced to cancel a course after start, due to circumstances beyond its control, refunding will take place Pro Rato only.


One can enroll for all courses in principle. However, the teacher is entitled to give a binding advice to switch to another course, based on observation and/or a test during the first or second lesson, if the participant does not have the required level of competence to follow the course within any reasonable limits.

Admittance to our courses could be denied to those students that repeatedly disrupt classes and/or break house-rules; in such situations there will be no refunding of course fees.

Number of participants

Under certain exceptional circumstances the SVA is authorized to increase the maximum number of participants as mentioned in the brochure with up to 2 at most.

Guarantee of success

The SVA cannot guarantee that students actually reach the aimed-for course- or examlevels. However, all due effort will be made to ensure the quality of the courses.